Jessica Swarer Make-up/FX

Look your best or your worst with the help of a professional!


Jessica started her love of make up at a young age.  Her family was in the amusement business on the boardwalk in Seaside Hts., NJ and when they built a haunted house when she was 14 her love of horror prevailed.  She spent years figuring out how to make props and fix old ones in the haunt, but could not help but to realize that making up people was where her main interest was.  She decided to pack up and head to Joe Blasco Make up Center in Orlando Florida where she graduated from the professional and advanced prosthetics courses.  From there she worked on some student projects in Florida then moved back to New Jersey.  She has worked on numerous student, and independent films and has had her work on the History Channel and Americas Most Wanted.  She has been one of the make up artists for Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest in Jackson since 2001.